How 2 - 3m sea level rise (leaving out Thwaites) effects Cork and the world's coastal lines was reported in the local papers years ago:


Note that 40% of the Irish economy is placed within 5 km coastal line.

And this has to be evacuated in an organised manner ( https://www.newstalk.com/news/irelands-coastal-towns-could-be-evacuated-as-sea-levels-rise-scientist-warns-1316685 ) as long as money has a value.

Building new towns above safe sea levels costs money. I don't see the capitalistic system capable to built a new world ("Planet B") when currencies, the value of money cease to exist.

We have another 2.5 - 7.5 years until Thwaites collapses.

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As we all know the city center is doomed, it's end in near sight as T&D has reported as well.

A compulsory purchase order for flood lands would be stupid, there is a very good reason the owners can't make a profit with lands in flood zones.

The Asian Pacific Nations plan with 3m sea level rise by 2100 using latest science (but not the collapse of Thwaites):


Within a very short time banks lending money and investors will lose everything, tax payers will baill them out again and drown themself:


The UN uses outdated sea level forecasts and concludes 2 - 2.5 m sea level rise for the Mediterranean Sea sea (ignoring Thwaites):


France is forecasting a minimum rise of the sealevel of 0.9m - 1.25 m by 2075 and 2 m by 2100 for the Atlantic coast (ignoring Thwaites):


Thwaites - the tabloids call it the "Doomsday Glacier" - will hit by 2025, at the latest by 2030.Watch the press conference:


Avoiding the uncomfortable truth - the economical destruction due to bank/monetary system collapse - the IPCC has forecasted as well 2.02 m for 2100.What a precision job .... leaving out Thwaites:


It is very rich like for example the McCarthy family who destroy our climate and society.And they destroy people's health, the asbestos renovation of the building was done my men working without shirts,dust masks or helmets.And without any protection of citizens and passers by.The site workers were smoking during the job of breaking down the asbestos roof,all had a severe sunburn.

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