Great article, plenty of information and raising awareness of new river management ideas which will be more and more important

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What a solution must look like?


The unwillingness to follow science is manifested in sentences like "We want to restore the river to a position where it is clean, where the ecology of the river is protected, and where the river isn't simply regarded as a drain. We see Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) solutions; for example, there is a grass area between the river and River Bank Estate that could, with engineering, act as an area for absorbing any overflow." and " “... fundamentally we are not managing waterbodies including rivers through a whole catchment approach.”


Following science means evacuation since all rivers and coastlines will restore themself into nature without the need of further climate destruction with Diesel diggers and concrete bank stabilization,fossil fuel based foot paths, cycle lanes,lawn management .... .

Destroying the climate with nature management is absurd,fills the pockets of blahblahers and makes everything worse.

Follow science.

The article is followed by another one: " 8 new train stations are planned ...."

In flood zones these new train stations are planned as were the old ones:


Europe is expecting a sea level rise of 60 meter of which 2 - 3 m will be achieved by the end of the century.The intensity of precipitation and wind forces increases with rising temperatures.

Adapting and mitigating means evacuation and leaving the fossil fuels in the ground:no more diggers,no more concrete.

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